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TED.com publishes Radical Openness by Anthony Williams and Don Tapscott


In a new book published by TED.com, DEEP Centre co-founder Anthony Williams and co-author Don Tapscott, explain how the way people connect and collaborate is undergoing an astonishing transformation as a result from one idea: radical openness. Smart organizations are shunning their old, secretive practices and embracing transparency, widely sharing intellectual property and collaborating on an astronomical scale. And movements for freedom and justice are exploding everywhere as organizations like Wikileaks spread information faster than ever before.

Radical Openness: Four Unexpected Principles for Success is available for download from the TED.com library. The ebook shows how this revolutionary new philosophy is affecting every facet of our society, from the way we do business to whom we chose to govern us.

But while radical openness promises many exciting transformations, it also comes with new risks and responsibilities. Tapscott and Williams ask: How much information should we share and with whom? And what are the consequences of disclosing the intimate, unvarnished details of our businesses and personal lives?

For more on radical openness see the interview with Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams on TED.com

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