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New DEEP Centre report: How to enable SME growth in Canada

As jurisdictions compete to build competitive environments for job and economic growth, facilitating the evolution of small and medium sized enterprises into more dynamic job creators is priority number one. So argues a new report by the Centre for Digital Entrepreneurship and Economic Performance, “Driving Canadian Growth and Innovation: Five Challenges Holding Back Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Canada.”

DEEP Centre co-founders Dan Herman and Anthony Williams argue in the report that “While the small companies that comprise  the majority are an important part of Canada’s economic  fabric, their sheer number masks the fact that many smaller enterprises that would like to grow face serious hurdles.  Removing these impediments and getting a larger share of the  “untapped majority” on a growth trajectory may represent one  of the most promising ways to lift employment and ensure a  higher standard of living for all Canadians.”

The report provides seven recommendations for Canadian policy makers to more actively, and effectively, stimulate SME growth.

Download the report here

For more information contact Dan Herman at dherman@deepcentre.com or Anthony Williams at awilliams@deepcentre.com

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