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DEEP Centre launches new study on Solutions to Youth Unemployment

Never before has an issue so galvanized attention as does the contemporary focus on youth unemployment. In every corner of the world, both public and private leaders see the issue as central to both long-term economic progress and short-term political and social security. And with nearly 300 million unemployed youth around the world, there is good reason to be concerned about both the short and long term consequences of inaction or ineffective action.


That’s why the DEEP Centre is launching a new study on youth unemployment with a focus on the solutions that exist to reform and restructure skills development, labour markets and supply chains to better enable youth participation. This project is being undertaken in partnership with the Global Solutions Network based at the Martin Prosperity Intitute at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. The GSN is a landmark study of the potential of global  web-based and mobile networks for cooperation, problem solving and governance.

This project identifies multi-stakeholder, network-led employment solutions that draw on the resources and competencies of various actors in society. In so doing, these networks highlight tangible examples of how policy makers and both public and private-sector leaders can collaborate to create new pathways for skills development, market access and ultimately long-term solutions for youth employment.

Know of examples or people we should speak? Drop us a line via dherman@deepcentre.com

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