Building a New Foundation for Prosperity

The DEEP Centre is committed to helping our members to build a new foundation for prosperity that enhances the competitiveness of mature economies and sets the stage for decades of growth and job creation.

Our research leads us to believe that a fundamental and lasting transformation is underway in the global economy, one that has heightened the importance of entrepreneurship and the role technology plays in driving in job creation, innovation and prosperity. And yet, DEEP recognizes that technology alone is not enough.

Public and private sector leaders must work together to build a healthy foundation for prosperity that includes the skills, knowledge and institutions required to unleash growth. Achieving this goal will require not only a continuous stream of new ideas capable of being commercialized and more bold entrepreneurs who can launch, nurture and scale new twenty-first-century companies; it also requires modern infrastructures and smarter policies to support the growth of existing enterprises—enterprises that might otherwise remain too small and unproductive to make a meaningful contribution to net job creation and growth.

As is often said, SMEs are the backbone of modern economies. But to truly deliver national job creation and growth, a greater proportion of SMEs must morph into high-growth firms with the potential to expand and reach scale. Assisting SMEs in becoming bigger, more profitable and globally competitive is one of the most promising ways to ensure robust employment and a higher standard of living for all citizens. And that is why DEEP is dedicated to providing policymakers with sound, evidence-based advice for how to create a fertile environments for innovation and prosperity.